Terms & Licence Agreement

Thank you for choosing Perl Photography LLC!
By choosing 'I agree' below you agree to a photo shoot with Perl Photography LLC and the terms and usage rights listed below.


1. Final high-res edited files (or whatever was agreed on) will be delivered only after full payment is received.
2. There is a 2.9% fee for all CC charges and PayPal transfers (when applicable).
3. Accepted forms of payment include:

4. Once payment is received you will receive a link to download your images.


Perl Photography LLC retains all copyrights to the images we produce. In plain English, you are licensed to use the photos for business anywhere and wherever you like (unless otherwise specified) under your brand or business. What this limits you to, however, is simply that you cannot give, transfer or sell the images (digitally or otherwise) I produce to other business for commercial usage. If you do require this, get in touch and we can work out some terms (I'm a pretty reasonable guy!).

Shipping & Drop-off:

As products are often damaged during shipment or come imperfect from the factory, consider adding extra padding, especially if we are shooting photos of the box. When possible, consider sending multiple copies so we can shoot the best of a few. Most imperfections can be fixed in Photoshop but can raise the quoted price.

USPS packages are almost never delivered to the studio and are instead held at the post office. If your products need to be picked up from the post office, you will be charged for that time at a rate of $85 per hour. I highly recommend UPS or FedEx as an alternative.

Products can be dropped off during regular business hours when I am present. Since I often go on location for photoshoots please confirm with me that I will be available.

Return Shipping & Pickup:

It is your responsibility to arrange the return of your products within 14 days of the date on the invoice. Any items left in the studio after the 14 days will be disposed of or given away. Extensions can be made upon request. To have your product shipped back to you, include (or email) a prepaid return label and I will make sure it gets sent out to you.

Products can be picked up during regular business hours when I am present. Since I often go on location for photoshoots please confirm with me that I will be available.

Shooting & Turnaround Time:

I usually let you know what date I will be shooting your products and when you can expect the editing to be done. Unless otherwise specified, these dates are an estimate and are not guaranteed. If I expect a delay in our scheduled time I will try to let you know. In general my schedule is filled 2 weeks in advance and mid size shoots take 2-3 days to complete.


When you hire me to photograph your products, you have my guarantee that I will deliver the best possible photos for your product and budget. I put my experience, creativity, and technical know-how to work deciding on the best angles, lighting, and details that will help display and sell your product. While we will of course discuss the number of photos, angles, styling and other important details, it is important you trust me to do the work in the best way I know how.

As the photos are taken and edited I will upload them in low-res for you to see in a gallery online. Throughout the course of the project I will use that folder to keep you updated on the progress and results of the photoshoot. During the photoshoot itself we can discuss making changes to the photos, however once the photography is done and the editing begins, taking new photos may bring on additional costs. It is best if you are near a computer and available to look at the photos during the scheduled photoshoot. 

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